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Search Phoenix Area Homes For Sale

If you are thinking about moving and want to search Phoenix Area Homes For Sale, then you have a lot of choices. When searching inherently a problem will arise: is the data you looking at accurate and up-to-date. The challenge is that third party websites such as Zillow do not have the tight regulations that a local MLS or Multiple Listing Service that REALTORS® use. Our data is required to be up-to-date or we can get fined! On a third party website almost anyone can list a home for sale or rent, including thieves, con-artists, unlicensed agents, etc… I am not suggesting that a third party website is full of con-artists, but their is a lot of inaccurate information on those sites including homes that have already been rented or sold. Some of the properties were sold or under contract 45 days ago!

The solution is to use a verified website that pulls data directly from the REALTORS® MLS and is updated. I have invested thousands of dollars and will continue to invest that same amount of money each year so that people who visit my website or my clients have the most accurate and up-t0-date listings from all the real estate companies in one place.

The search box below is linked to my new website that is pulling data every 5 minutes from the MLS. It is an easy to use site that looks the same on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.  The information on each property is laid out in a way that is appealing to the eye and user friendly. You can even SAVE YOUR OWN SEARCHES and get daily updates of any new listings that come on the market. You can save as many searches as you wish (i.e. 3 bedroom homes and 3 bedroom homes with pool) so you can compare your options. The pictures are big and you will get complete details on each home for sale.

Stop wasting your time on a third party website that is not regulated, check out the “LIVE MLS” and search Phoenix Area Homes For sale. And let me know what you think of the new site!


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